2016 Directors Mortgage Summer Slam

2017 Directors Mortgage Summer Slam

August 25-27, 2017

The Directors Mortgage Summer Slam is open to all select, classic, and recreational club teams. The Slam is a great way to start off your team’s fall season.  Our tournament will offer your teams the opportunity to play a variety of teams from across the Northwest that you may not have played before giving your team a great competitive tournament to start the fall season.


U9-10  $360

U11-12 $485

U13 and Up $595

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The Directors Mortgage Sumer Slam is an unrestricted tournament. Teams registered and in good standing with any U.S. Soccer Federation affiliate are eligible to apply.  The tournament is also internationally sanctioned and accepts teams from Canada.

2008 & 2009 Games at Providence Park

2007 & 2008 Games at Providence Park

Boys and girls 2008 & 2009 teams will play one game at Providence Park, home of the Portland Timbers, Saturday morning. 

Note: The number of game spots available is limited.  Teams that have registered and paid first will be the ones that are first scheduled to play at Providence Park. 

Highlights of the Tournament

4 Game Guarantee

  • Teams are guaranteed a minimum of 4 games. 
  • Teams will be grouped according to level of play to assure balanced competition. 
  • Flexible scheduling. We do our best to accommodate all special requests; coaches with two teams, late starts, etc.  
  • Individual awards for 1st and 2nd place teams
  • Championship teams get a laser engraved log slice
  • GotSoccer online tournament scheduling system with the majority of the results posted online within 10 minutes of game completion.     

  Questions, please contact Tournament Director, Ron Witherup, at


Supplemental Insurance Coverage

It is the desire of the Summer Slam to provide a means so all those who want to play in the tournament can do so.

If that player is not registered with any association then our supplemental insurance will cover that player. 

In addition, if an entire team is not registered with any USSF association (e.g., a High School Co-ed team) our supplemental insurance would cover that team.  

Please contact the Tournament Director for any questions.

High School Coed Division

The most fun your players will have this summer!

Want to provide your soccer players an experience that they will talk about for the entire season?  Combine your high school aged team with one of the opposite gender (potentially forming two teams), and watch the teenage magic unfurl.  It promises to be the one tournament players, coaches, and parents will remember the most from the summer!

"Fun experience for all!!!  Seeing the player's, boys and girls, working together and competing was a success on the pitch.  An experience player's enjoyed and would like to continue year round."  Todd Kjelden, Coach Summer Slam Coed Team Forgundy

Special HS Coed division rules:

  • A minimum of 5 female players must be on the field
  • Female goals count as 2 points (referees make the determination if the goal was scored by a female)
  • Rosters can carry 24 players, only 18 can participate in each game
  • Macho rule will be enforced
    • The intent of this rule is to protect female players from uncontrolled and unreasonably aggressive play by male players.  If the referee feels that a male player, in the reasonable belief of a female player, intimidates or threatens a female player, on his team or the opposing team, through aggressive or forceful play, a foul may be called and a direct free kick awarded, and if warranted, a caution or send-off card may be issued.  This includes:
    • High/Hard Kicks: Any kick (or goalkeeper throw) taken with excessive force in the direction of a female player, and which rises above waist level in relation to that player.  The ball need not make contact with the player in question for a foul to be called.
    • Physical or Verbal Intimidation:  Any attempt to take advantage of gender differences through physical or verbal intimidation.